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  • Valeting

    Our highly professional team of valeters are here to cater for all your needs through our comprehensive range of packages designed to suit all needs and budgets. So whether you just want your car to shine or you are looking for a deep clean, give us a call at 07838 816602 to book an appointment or simply just drop in to see us. Each car purchased from us is also fully valeted before the sale and we can provide an additional aftercare package if required.

    Our packages


    For our customers who want their car to look good and provide their bodywork with some protection against the elements.


    • Pressure pre-wash

    • Wax and shampoo

    • Pressure rinse and leather dry

    • Window clean

    • Wheel clean

    • Tyres dressing

    Interior and Exterior

    If you want your car to look and feel clean this is the package for you. This package offers all of the benefits of the exterior package as well as an impeccably clean cabin.


    • Dashboard dust

    • Door plastics clean

    • Interior window clean

    • Carpet clean

    • Upholstery vacuum (including the boot)

    Full valet

    With this package we treat your vehicle to a deep clean and a bit of elbow grease to get it looking like new inside and out.


    • Fabric and upholstery shampoo and wash

    • Carpets and mats shampoo and wash

    • Interior plastic cleaned and protected

    • Leather protector application

    • Exterior plastic cleaned and protected

    • Exterior hand polish

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